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What We Offer

Spring/Fall Property cleanups

Spring/Fall Property clean ups. Let us keep your property healthy and looking it's best. All debris is composted and used again as compost next season!

Falling Leaves

Lawn Care

Our mowing service includes trimming and blowing. We mulch the grass clippings as a natural fertilizer but will never leave clumps of visible patches. We keep our cut height at 2.5" or higher to increase water retention and weed suppression.

Lawn Mower Selection Support

Tree Trimming

Looking for that manicured park feeling at home? Improve the health and aesthetics of your trees by having them trimmed and the crown elevated. This allows more air flow, more uniform growth and a more spacious feeling canopy!

Manicured Garden


New garden builds, bed maintenance, Plant install, permaculture/sustainable/guild plant installs, re grading



Paving stones, paving slabs, retaining walls, green retaining walls, gravel walkways/driveways

Paving Stones
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