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How to save money and pollution on property cleanups?

Most property cleanups have a very large portion of the cost going to disposal fees. This is because it is so costly to transport and process the green waste off site. So what is the easiest way to reduce cleanup costs? Don't transport the debris!

Finding a way to keep your green waste and debris on your property has a multitude of benefits:

  1. Reduction in emissions from transportation and commercial handling/processing

  2. Reduction in costs with no removal fees

  3. Reduction in labour costs with no load times

  4. Increase in organic matter and slow release nutrients to your lawn and garden

  5. Increase in soil health and weed suppression through increased mulch

How does Permeascapes offer a solution to make this possible?

We offer a "no debris removal" version of property cleanup, where we mulch as much of the green waste as possible and spread it around garden beds and in a thin layer over the lawn.

This thin layer over the lawn will break down very quickly over the winter and not be unappealing. You can also rest assured you are giving your lawn a host of benefits. Some tree leaves such as maples actually have weed seed germination suppressing qualities, while others are simply high in nutrients such as nitrogen.

This style of cleanup usually results in lower costs as well with no debris removal fees. That is a win-win-win!! For your wallet, your property, and your world.

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